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Date: Thu, cp lolita boy portal
2 Dec 2004 12:58:52 -0500
From: lolita bbs child love
Subject: Rustin's ShowerThis story is completely fictional the name used is one I made up and if
the best lolita sweet girl
story bears any resemblance to a situation you took part in it is
merely coincidental. Please enjoy.I hadn't seen Rustin for nude young sweet lolita
4 weeks. It had been killing me to not see his god
like body and be around lolita nubiles sex pics
him because my love for him was more than sexual
attraction it was a deep love for who he was inside. I had made the
decision to stop dating and he had not liked it in the least bit. We agreed
to stay friends and maybe even have the occasional sex encounter which was
fine by me because even though I have l naked lolitas y.o.
never been free nude small lolitas
fucked by anyone but
Rustin, it was always the best experience I had ever had.I had gone over to see him at his current home to deliver him a couple
packs of cigarettes. He opened the door with all of his normal 17 year old
beauty. He was wearing a wife beater type shirt and flannel Joe Boxer
pajama pants. His hair was still messy from sleeping, it was only 7 in the
morning. He had the most perfect tan over his young kids models lolita
entire body. He said it was
because he is Italian. His hair is naturally dark brown but he had bleached
it awhile back so it now had bleached tips. His frame was really small
almost reminiscent of a younger teen of maybe 14 or 15. He had perfectly
defined abs and nude lolitas photo pics
a really broad chest for such a small frame. His ass was
perfect, not flat not big just awesome.He closed the door behind us and I immediately hugged him. It felt so good
to have him in my arms again. He teen model shocking lolli
would never understand the time I spent
crying over him. He asked me if I had the smokes which made me realize I
had in fact forgotten them. He said that was cool and we should drive to
the store. He through on some shoes and went dressed as he was.Rustin had a tendency of knowing exactly when he was horny, like a young
child curious of what it did, Rustin would start messing with his lolita nymphet gallery pic
and as much as bbs ls preteen lolitas
I would like to think I have restraint, it kills me as soon
as he does it. When I returned from the store and got back in the truck
Rustin smiled pointed at his crotch which had a large tent now, lolitas natural naked videos
and said,
"It has really missed you." lolitas ls magazine 15
I couldn't help but chuckle at his comment. He
then did the thing I love so much underage pedo preteen lolita
about him it is this little excited thing
he does where he has a full body shiver and moves his fingers. It is hard
to really describe it is much more easily demonstrated but it is absolutely
adorable and he has no clue how much I love when little child lolita models
he does that.We arrived back at the apartment and enter inside. Rustin still visibly
aroused sat next to me on the couch just close enough to have slight body
contact. He stood up to get me some coffee but first he couldn't resist
stopping turning around and pulling down his pajama pants to show me his
erect penis. It was about 7 little nude nymphets lolitas
inches long and cut. It is seriously the best
looking dick I have ever seen. Let alone had the privilege of doing much
more than just seeing. He said, "are you gonna blow me or what?" God I
loved Rustin for his blunt comments. I slowly licked around the head and
down the shaft just enough for it to tease him. I then slowly applied
pressure with my mouth and began going back and forth down the shaft. I
then cruelly sat back and looked up at him, he smiled and pulled the pajama
pants kidz loli pics underage
back up over the precious package.He got me my coffee and we talked for awhile again with him next to me. non nude litlle lolitas
finally stopped me talking and said I really need to get off. I smiled got
on my knees in front of him he pulled his pajamas down past lolita play girls naked
his butt line
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and began running my hands up under his very little lolita model
shirt. He lifted it up and young lolita nude lesbians
gave me
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had. I had to stop for a second with my dick
duties and lick up between his abs. He leaned his head back squinting his
eyes shut. I continued up to his chest and spent a few minutes sucking on
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dark nipples. I continued with his penis with my hand before
moving back down again to his package. Suddenly he said, "Are you clean
down there?" this was always a question just prior to him wanting to
actually fuck me. I said I hadn't planned on doing anything so I hadn't
made sure. pay lolitas borrachas follando
So he said lets take a shower.I said ok and we made our way to lolita asian angel galleries
the bathroom. He removed his shirt with me
not too far behind. He removed the rest of his clothes and then assisted me
with taking off my pants. I asked him if for old times sake I could rim him
and he said ok. He turned around and bent over slightly. I got on my knees
and spread his cheaks apart with my hands and leaned in and took a long
lick from the bottom of his loloita asian teen models
ball sack up his crack to his lower back. He
shivered and I returned to his hole. Licking in small circle around the
outside I then stuck the tip into the hole and litle lolita nake nude
moved it around side to
side. This is usually where Rustin stops me because it feels to "weird" to
him. This time he let me do it hot bbs lolita links
little ebony lolitas ussy
for quite a prolonged period of daddy loves lolita girls
time. I
stood up tiny lola model nude
and he faced me. We put our dicks together both fully erect. I am
slightly smaller than Rustin but he preteen females lolitas pictures
always seemed to like my dick he asked
me a question he had asked many times, "Does it hurt to be fucked?" I
explained as I always did that it hurts a lot but lolitas kds bbs pedo
it's worth it. He told me
to try on him. He turned back around and he guided my throbbing dick
towards his lolita family nudists naturists
hole. I applied pressure and his tightness fought it back.
Suddenly my head popped in and he jumped and let out a small yelp. I pulled
it out and kissed his cheek and said, "So now you have a clue what you do
to me." He kinda shook his head in disbelief.Rustin turned on the water in the shower and I just stared at him and he
stared at me while the water warmed up. We stepped very little lolitas pussy
in and both got
ourselves wet. His hair now with water naturally spiked how I absolutely
loved and there is nothing better than watching water run down his hard
body. He asked if I was very young loli erotick
ready and I nodded. I took the position farthest
from the water and braced my hands on the back wall of the shower. Rustin
stood under the water with the water running down his chest and on my
ass. He spread apart my ass cheeks and I could feel his erection rubbing
around my hole. He placed one hand on the base of young teen loli porn
his penis and his right
hand on my right shoulder as he penetrated my hole. After he got it in he
paused and asked me if I was ok. I told him to give me a second and then
when I was ready I told him to go ahead. He started slow at first making
long deep thrusts into my tiny breasts lolita nude
ass and then quickened the process by only going
half way in and increasing the speed of his humping. It hurt and felt
wonderful at the same time. Some of the pleasure in the fact we were having
sex was that this was the first time we had ever had sex without a condom
and that part of my favorite boy was in me making me feel like we underage lolitas xxx pics
were one
person sharing the experience.He continue on for probably 10 minutes before coming in my ass. He pulled
out and leaned on my back I turned around and looked him in the eyes and
told him that I really would love him forever. I saw a tear in his eye as
he said, " Me too."I closed my eyes and leaned forward and kissed him with a lolita nymphets nubiles preteen
peck on the lips
and then we parted lips and allowed our tongues to intertwine for a few
minutes. We then took the time preteen young lolita biz
to soap each other down and rinse off.
Rustin turned off the water and we finished the encounter by drying each
other off with towels. As I got dressed I preteen lolita blog images
could not stop looking at Rustin.
He smiled and asked me what I was looking at and I replied the nude lolitas paradise
nothing. Before
I could leave he kissed me again for a few minutes and then we embraced lolita preteen kds toplist
a hug. nude child model loli
I preteen pussy bbs loli
whispered that lolita asian girl underage
I loved him real free young lolitas
wombats lolitas bbs pics
so much in his ear and he replied, "Me
too."I walked out the door and drove home.If you have enjoyed this please write me and tell me. Pmpattoncox.netThanks